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As you progress through the learning process you will need to use documentation typical for any organisation. Whatever documents you need can be found on this intranet site by selecting the Course Learning Tools in the Contents Menu. What you see and  experience through them will not be much different than if you were joining a real life organisation.

If you need something and cannot find it, contact your trainer and the documents you need will be made available to you.

Check for any related documents on the screens you are working on in the main training program as hyperlinks to documents relevant at the time may be found there. 

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As part of your final assignment with us, you will be required to prepare a project proposal and then once approved, a project plan which includes an implementation and handover plan. You will have a choice to make.

You can use the CEG Resources Major Project templates or you can create your own. If you download the Microsoft Word or Excel versions, save them in your portfolio and rename them with your initials at the end of the file name. This will ensure your trainer cannot mix them up during evaluation or assessment processes with other interns. You will also have to reformat the documents so they can be submitted in a professional layout. Do not change the document structure or the expected information they are expected to provide. Documents being submitted for evaluation and assessment will also be assessed on presentation. Think real life documentation and you get the idea. If you need help in formatting your documents, contact your trainer. 

You can also create your own from templates downloaded from the internet. In this situation, make sure the formatting and layout adopts a professional outlook.

For real life projects you will be presenting to your current employer, it is expected you will use your company's documentation to avoid double-handling.

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