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Margaret Manager

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I’m Margaret, managing director for CEG Resources and it is my pleasure to officially welcome you to our organisation.

You will have read from the front screen of our intranet site that we are a fictional organisation that attempts to adopt many of the best practices of a real life organisation. We are designed to allow you to learn and practice your new knowledge and skills in a safe environment. By undertaking this course, you are agreeing to abide by the roles and responsibilities we place upon you. The main goal is to allow you to develop as a leader and manager.

We are a young organisation that is also still developing. As you work through your internship with us, you will no doubt find 'flaws' or gaps in our structure or management systems. This may or may not be deliberate. Where this occurs, it is important you tell us through the question and answer forums you find at the beginning of each competency (you might refer to them as module or unit). I should point out too that your training and assessment has already begun. Everything you do with us is monitored and assessed. Your course induction manual lists the assessment criteria you must achieve. You also have access to the Course Assessment Manual which your trainer and assessor will use to record your results. Make sure you check this out.

I am also pleased to announce that we will be launching a new and exciting venture requiring a new division to be set up. If you cannot find one of our existing work teams you can associate with based on your current work experience and background, you are likely being trained for one of the teams in this new division. 

Successful completion of your internship will secure a position with us in one of the work teams. In the meantime, you will be moved into some of the different teams as a need arises. This will become clear as you complete the different summative assessments linked to the course materials.

As you take your place with us, the team and I are committed to providing you  all the necessary support to ensure you can become a leading member. Do not be afraid to contact your trainer who is also your line manager and supervisor as you think necessary to get the most from your experience here. 

By using the Content Menu on the right of the screen, let me now take you through some brief general information about our organisation to give you some background and a starting point.

Again, welcome; I and the team look forward to working with you.

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